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Windows 10 free download

Windows 10 Free Download

Well, here is a giant from Microsoft in the form of Windows 10 which is compatible on all the devices including TV's, PC's, Laptops, Tablets and even Smartphones. Wow! It's great to hear from Microsoft that they have created such an amazing UI in windows 10. 

Microsoft promised the release of Windows 10 in the early months of 2015 but they had to work pretty hard to create such a Glorious and Tremendous user experience for their users. So, they took a while and released this on 29th July 2015. This was a major release of the final build and it was in fact, the most awaited version of the windows.

Windows 10 comes with a major change in GUI and it has enhanced Touch capabilities for devices like tablets and smartphones. Here are some of the main features of windows 10.


  • Start Menu :
Windows 10

The major and the most prominent feature of the windows 10 is its Start Menu. It is said that Microsoft has adopted the conventional approach of start menu layout which it previously had in windows 7, windows xp and 98 etc. We have seen in the that windows 8 had a full width start menu which used to surround the whole screen but in windows 10, it has been redesigned like in windows 7 but there is a huge difference in user's attraction. This start menu is the best of all as it is a hybrid design featuring the functionality of windows 7 with a design from windows 8.
  • Cortana :
Windows 10 free download - Cortana

Microsoft has introduced a very unique feature used in android as "Google Voice" and in iPhone as "Siri". It is called "Cortana" which provides the same functionality as in smartphones I mentioned. You just have to say "Hey Cortana" and it would open up an interface. So, you just have to speak the application, website or any thing you want and it would assist you by providing relevant information.
  • Windows App Store :
Windows 10 App Store

There had been some major issues in windows 8 but Microsoft has done some necessary changes in windows 10 app store and it is now "Windowed". It also has some changes in UI and I hope that there would be some improvements in apps too. 
  • The Best Browser (Spartan Browser) :
Microsoft Windows 10 Spartan browser

Microsoft had a great issues with its Internet Explorer web browser which was just like a rotten tomato sauce. It has a great compatibility issues. But Microsoft got it seriously and created a very unique and interesting browser called "Spartan Browser". Well, it is one of the most modern browser with some amazing functionalities like "Live Notes" etc. It also has a unique interface. Overall, its experience is awesome.

  • Task Switcher :

Task switcher was not very popular in windows 8 and it needed some modifications. So, Microsoft took a notice of the users demands and introduced a new Task Switcher in Windows 10 which has a new UI and it would be good to use.
  • Performance :

Performance has been enhanced in windows 10 by using different tweaks and removing the bloats which were in the windows 8. So, it would provide fast and easy window operations and we hope for the best from Microsoft.


At the end, I would like to say that you people should definitely upgrade and use windows 10 as it would be a great experience for you guys. I am also uploading the registered version of windows 10 and you should check it out.

How to Install
  • Download the windows 10 "ISO" file from the link below.
  • Create a bootable USB drive using "Microsoft Windows 7 USB DVD Tool" or "RUFUS".
  • Plugin your bootable USB and reboot your system using the USB option from BIOS.
  • Install fresh Windows 10 or upgrade your previous windows using the upgrade option in the setup. 
  • Wait for it to install and that's it.
  • Activate the windows using the following product key I'm uploading below.

Product Key

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